martes, 29 de marzo de 2011


Perceiving your shadow get moving through my dreams,
exposes his figure of clay made,
and how sleep get
purple for the breaths of your lips;
ending all in the dawn with a deep roar.

I can sense your anguish blooming at
I’m sorry can no longer hide the glint behind the sheet.
¿Only in deep silence can you lie with me?
When the silence beacon and the day draw to a close
that the world can no see us together…

Ho! The whisper of unfaithful illusions,
like flying
green moths dying in ashes,
I’m only a disgraceful secret under
warm candle light,
drunk light of stars that in the night raise.

I’m I singing for you out of time and tune?
This’s my gift of fading roses getting
yellow and blue,
Ho! The morning !the envy!
Quickly take your groan and all your beautiful veil;
I will keep the silence, the world won’t know our tale.

She… provide the eternal lust dress with
carnal life red,
and sustain my letters keeping my reason away…
maybe someday the clouds shall see our kisses too,
maybe someday you will see that you are a scream
to the winds for me, that you are my glory and pride

Only then you’ll realize
what you mean to me…

2 comentarios:

Valerie in Wonderland dijo...

Red is a slow colour...

Sería hermoso que la escucharas con detenimiento es hermosa, Anneke se luce para variar y creo que por otro lado, le viene totalmente a tu texto...

Valerie in Wonderland dijo...

Fue lindo tu comentario en mi blog, en la entrada "Quizás por qué"
Lindo Kevin =) eres adorable ♥
te quiero!